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Growing Marijuana is an Art, Knowing Marijuana is a Science

You could say we’ve earned our Masters in marijuana. Through our decades of studying, experimenting, and cultivating, we have developed a deep knowledge and passion for this powerful plant. We have found that when used in the right way, marijuana has the power to not only improve your health, but your quality of life as well.


Our unique skillset lies somewhere between art and science: a keen eye for quality marijuana, the expertise to find the right strains, and the knowledge of how each one can help the human body in unique ways. We believe the marijuana industry needs the quality and care of true artisanship, supported by an intimate understanding of the human body.
Decorative element.

Mike Lomuto

Mike Lomuto
Yerbanado CEO and Founder

Mike grew up in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset, learning the application of the old-school principles of Village living in a modern setting. He is the CEO and co-Founder of Jao PraYa, Inc, a Traditional Asian Medicine company whose mission is to preserve the integrity of the medicine while increasing its validation and proliferation in the West. Mike has well over two decades of training as an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, and Traditional Martial Artist.
Mike’s goal with Yerbanado is to create an innovative company with an organic business model, pulling from his unique blend of business experience, traditional medical training, extensive travel, and SF roots.

Vernon Speller

Vernon Speller
Business Chief

Vernon Speller has a passion for business and health. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Vernon’s passion for health & natural medicine led him to study Traditional Asian Medicine. He studied Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine with a focus in Asian Bodywork Therapy. In 2010, he began developing his Asian Bodywork Therapy practice, eventually partnering with Mike Lomuto to create natural medicine company Jao PraYa. Vernon began his entrepreneur and investing journey part time in 1999. Mr. Speller resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and children living a natural & holistic lifestyle.

Patrick Mahon

Patrick Mahon
Director of Finance

Patrick Mahon grew up in San Francisco’s Sunset District. He studied Neurobiology at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and earned a Master’s in Financial Analysis from St. Mary’s College of California. In addition to his duties as a spreadsheet jockey he plays bass professionally in a few different groups.

Chicky LeRoo

Chicky LeRoo
Content Editor

My parents met at a knock on the door.
the San Francisco 1980 census
I was later born.
They say that’s rare.
Being born in SF
I know some others.
I ran through the Mission as a kid
Lucky Pork. Le Boulangerie.
Foxy Lady.
Playing at Dolores park. Trick or treating up and down hills.
I was a known character.
Running errands with my babysitter in tow
14th through 25th streets.
We played street hockey, jail tag,
hopped across roofs of apartment buildings,
slammed together like painted ladies.
My mother allowed me to run,
RUN to the store for milk.
Hom sat at the corner store. Hamzi was across the street.
Hom had fresh vegetables. Hamzi had liquor.
Good schools. A few languages. Travel. That’s me. Lil’ o’ Chicky.

Jason Knoepfel

Jason Knoepfel
Creative Director

Jason is a San Francisco native with a technical and creative mind. His first career which spanned almost 12 years, was as an automotive technician, through which he learned the art and technique of precision craftsmanship. In 2012, Jason decided to pursue a major career change and embrace his passion for art. Growing up surrounded by and partaking in the San Francisco graffiti and street art scene of the mid-1990’s, graphic design became the logical path for him to follow. In September of 2016, Jason graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Web Design. Jason strives to elevate Yerbanado to the highest plateau, through the use of imagery and design which complements every aspect of the brand and its core beliefs.